Kickstart from soap and candle making, to bath bombs and diffusers

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Loofah Soap

Loofah soaps are some of the easiest DIY soap you can make right at home. You will get an exfoliating soap bar with some loofah texture in the middle which makes it pretty to look at, so be sure to get the clear soap to work with.

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Sizzling Bath Bombs

We all love bath bombs, these colorful scented balls send fizz and effervescence burst in the bathtub making it look so magical. And, they are in fact incredibly easy to make when you gather the right materials and proper tools to work with.

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Home Made Candles

Decorate and spruce up your home with handmade candles! They are easy to make, and you can choose your favourite scents to go with it.

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Fragrant Wax Tablet

A beautiful gift idea that is easy to make – Scented Wax Tablets. Not only do they look stunning, Scented Wax Tablets contain natural fragrances making them the perfect decoration at any corner of your home from door knobs to closets.

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Lip & Body Balm

Body lotion has become part of our daily essentials, and sophistication has led us to discovering natural alternatives
instead of off-the-shelf products that may contain potentially harmful ingredients.

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Home Made Fragrance Diffuser

Reed diffusers not only make our homes look chic, they are inexpensive gifts for your loved ones too. And the good news is, they are effortless to make!