Easy Loofah Scrub Soap Bars

Loofah soaps are some of the easiest DIY soap you can make right at home. You will get an exfoliating soap bar with some loofah texture in the middle which makes it pretty to look at, so be sure to get the clear soap to work with.

This is an easy melt and pour soap recipe so you can whip up something quick and simple especially if you are creating it for gifts. What you need is a piece of loofah, melt and pour soap, fragrances/essential oils, soap colorant, and soap mold to create a loofah soap bar.

Slice the loofah according to the mold size so it fits, if the loofah is too big you can squeeze the sides a little to make it fit into the mold. Place it in the mold and get ready to prepare the soap. Melt the soap in a double boiler or microwave, cutting the soap into smaller pieces will help melt it faster either way. If you are using the microwave, remember to heat in small burst of 30 – 40 seconds to prevent it from overheating, stir occasionally and put it back to the microwave until it melts fully.

Add fragrances or essential oils of your choice to the soap, the amount can be adjusted according to your preference. Then add the colorant to your soap, you can either use liquid colorant or mica to your soap, we are using soap colorant here, so we can achieve a lighter color to see your loofah through the soap. Once the mixture is done, pour it into the mold. If the loofah floats up a little, you can use a stick to push it back down. To prevent bubbles, you can spritz a little rubbing alcohol on the soap to remove it. Leave the soap to dry for several hours or overnight, then gently remove the soap from the mold.

What You Will Need:

  • 500g soap
  • 10g Fragrance Oil (you can adjust the amount according to your preference)
  • Pink Liquid Colorant (you can choose any color of your choice)
  • 1 soap mold of your choice
  • 1 Loofah